Events: Solo and Alliance

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Events: Solo and Alliance

Post by Shells Denimore on Wed Apr 08, 2015 10:48 am

Events happen throughout the day, every day.

Weekend Events that are announced (which seems to be every weekend honestly) tend to have better prizes and more WAR events.

What is an Event?

Events are picked by Ember and are generally things we do every time we play anyhow, however, they give out prizes for hitting different point levels. (Normally three prize levels but sometimes more). There are also Prizes for the top 100 Rankings! Both in Solo and Alliance Events.

How do I see the Event?

On the left hand side of your screen, just above the arrow which pulls open the Chats, there is a Yellow scroll of paper with a red ! on it and a Start or End time running below it. Click on this to see the Events.

~The Start/End time will show you when it begins or how long until it ends.

~The Event Board will allow you to see Solo Events (ones you personally are working towards for yourself. Your goal/prize levels might be different than a smaller or larger player) and a tab for Alliance Events (ones that the whole alliance works together to achieve - each person's points adding together. These are the same for all alliances).

~It will also have a description of how to get the points, what the prizes are for each level, and show recent past events so you can check out how well you did as well as the rankings to see how well other players did.

What is the importance of doing Events?

The Importance of participating in Events is:

1) Better Prizes than Missions! They vary but you can get special troops, higher level infected leaders, speed-ups, shields, defense and attack boosts, etc.

2) It helps the alliance get more prizes which adds up. Our Prize level is the quality of prizes we receive. The higher our level, the better the prizes!

3) It helps your fellow alliance members who might be having a harder time getting resources or gaining power. Sometimes the reason someone isn't helping out as much as others is because they just can't - don't have the resources, the speed-ups, etc.

An actual Example: Shells has spent all of her speed-ups on past events and the alliance was only 25,000 pts away from the next tier level. If she had a speed-up available, that is just one research to be sped up away from the next prize! Denimore didn't have any more resources to be able to start another research project although Denimore has quite a lot of speed-ups. Mike Hunt was able to use his speed-ups to get us there and we as an alliance got the second tier prize this morning! YAY MIKE! GO TEAM!

What types of Events?

~Gain Power - this includes nearly everything we all should be doing all day long: Building troops, Building Buildings and Upgrading them, Research, Building Defenses...

~Train Troops - only get points for training Troops! Higher the Tier Troop, the more points! Sometimes this will include 'using' the special Troops gained in past Events. If it does allow it (read the description of event), then just go to My Items and hit the Use button next to it. Be careful as this often use more food than others.

~Harvest - This goes for not only the resource tiles but also 'using' your prizes in My Items. However, harvesting gains more points per resource than using your resources in My Items. More work, more gain Smile

~Casino - Normally just playing one round in the Casino will gain the first prize. Going into the high stakes room gets more points than the normal room. If you do not have access to the high stakes, just play the one to get the one prize and hold on to your chips until you need resources because it often takes 200 rounds in the regular room to get to the second prize level. During Casino Events, the Alliance Event is normally something different like Troop Training!


~Infected Cities - this is by attacking infected Cities and having victory!

~Infected Leaders - this is by collecting infected leaders which can be done by 'using' any that you may have won in Casino or a previous event that is located in My Items OR by finding one when hitting an Infected City.


~If Attacked - what you kill of theirs by your defenses/troops in city, will count towards your points.

~If Attacking - what you kill counts towards your points.

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