Farms and Food

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Farms and Food

Post by Shells Denimore on Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:10 pm

Food is a resource needed to train and build. It also is used to 'maintain' your Troops.

If your Food Resource Tally is running in Red, that means that you are using more Food for maintaining your Troops than you are making. However, do not fret. If you run out of food, you won't lose troops. You will just have issues when it comes to training and building. This can be eased by keeping food resources on hand in your Items and using them only when you need to train more troops or need them to build.

Food is 'made' by the Farms. You can also farm/harvest on resource tiles that look like fields.

There are boosters you can use for the Farms' production as well in the store. You may receive them in prizes or missions as well.


It is good to have many farms since this is used up not just for building/training but also as upkeep of your troops. Ten Farms seem to be a good number.

Try to keep your farms leveled up as well so that they make as much or more than you need for upkeep. If you click on the Info button on your farm it will tell you what your upkeep vs your food income is.

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