Resource Tile Levels

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Resource Tile Levels

Post by Shells Denimore on Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:33 pm

As you may have noticed, resource tiles have levels as well: 1 to 6.

These levels indicate how many resources these tiles originate with as well as at what speed you can gather them (however that also changes with your research and where your hero points are located).

Unless you cannot find another of that particular resource and you need it, try to only hit tiles that you can clear out in one hit. This not only allows for others who could clear larger tiles in one hit to do so, but also ensures that resource tiles aren't lingering with only a couple thousand on them.

Resource Tiles will regenerate once cleared after a little while. (Although they may not regenerate in the same spot)

You can see how much your troops will remove from the tile in the March Screen when you pick who and how many troops you are sending. It is located at the top, near the left middle.

Occasionally it is helpful to farm the Food Tiles since they seem to stack up and thus cause less of other resources to regenerate near us.

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