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Research Lab

Post by Shells Denimore on Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:21 pm

Your research lab is where you will gain knowledge of different types of troops, defenses, and so much more.

You can only research one topic at a time.

The Level of your Research Lab will also determine what you can research. You will need to upgrade your research lab in order to continue researching after a while.

Research is divided into 3 categories: Combat, Defense, and Economics

This deals with anything related to your troops: Recon, Recruiting Speed, Troop Defenses,Troop Type, and Infected.

This deals with upgrades to your wall. From speed of construction of defense to what sort of defenses you can have!

This deals with anything related to resource production, carrying capacity, speed of marches, and gathering speeds.

In the beginning, you should decide what sort of player you are going to be: Offensive, Defensive or Passive.

The Offensive will want to work on researching items that will make them more of a threat when attacking cities. However, when you attack people, they will be looking to attack you back so you can't neglect Defense entirely either.

The Defensive will want to focus on researching defenses while not neglecting their Offensive in order to have better troops and stronger healing ability.

The Passive will want to focus on being the resources collector, producer. You will want to also have good defenses if attacked. However, if you keep your troops and power lower and act as a support for your alliance, you will be less of a mark for attacks. This is a good option if you have two accounts to use for the alt.

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