Wall and Defenses

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Wall and Defenses

Post by Shells Denimore on Sat Apr 04, 2015 4:08 pm


The Wall needs to be upgraded. The higher the level, the more defenses you can build on your wall.

This helps keep your city safe when attacked. Infected Troops do more damage to defenses than regular troops. (Hint hint --send Infected troops with regular troops when attacking a city) I have actually been able to defeat someone who attacked my city while my troops were on tiles all because I had my hero in the city and my wall of defenses maxed out.

You will need to have your Infected Pen upgraded before you can upgrade your Wall.


Tier 1 Defenses are good until you have researched higher. Once you have Tier 2 Defenses, do not build Tier 1 Defenses.

If you are maxed out on Defenses, you can destroy them and build more. So if you have Tier 1 defenses, and have researched Tier 2, you can destroy your Tier 1 and replace them with Tier 2.

Have an assortment of types of Tier 1 and 2 Defenses. Be careful when you go to build them so that you don't build 15,000 of one type when you wanted to do 5,000 of each type available.

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