Radar Information

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Radar Information

Post by Shells Denimore on Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:56 pm

The Radar is used to see incoming troops from other players.

It can show you both Trades that are incoming and attacks.

As you upgrade your radar, you will be able to see more information about the incoming troops.

Level: Ability

1 Warns of any incoming marches (Trade or Attack)
2 Tells you what type of March (If it is trade or Attack)
3 Provides name of player sending march
4 ____no added benefit____
5 Provides you with player's coordinates (so you can attack back if need be)
6 ____no added benefit____
7 Gives arrival time of March (remember they can still use a speed up)
8 ____no added benefit____
9 Tells you their Alliance Name
10 ____no added benefit____
11 Estimates the number of troops coming
12 ____no added benefit____
13 Provides type of troops coming
14 ____no added benefit____
15 Estimates the # of each troop type
16 ____no added benefit____
17 Detects if the hero is in the march
18 ____no added benefit____
19 Provides with an Exact # of troops
20 ____no added benefit____
21 Gives Level of Hero
22 Provides name and level of combat tech they researched

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